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Web professionals have been getting pretty excited lately, and it’s no surprise why. The latest spawn of Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer 9, has just been released. Many people have been talking about the changes and whether the latest version is a solid step forward, or if it’s too little, too late.

In a previous article, Jacob Gube (this site’s founder) had a more positive view of IE9. I’m here to play devil’s advocate and present the other side of the coin. [read]


Joe Randeen – 3 Penguins Design


One of the reasons I like Firefox is its support for extensions (otherwise known as add-ons), which are little bits of code that extend the browser’s capabilities. On my machine, for instance, I remove page breaks from lengthy articles with the extension AutoPager, turn Flash movies into objects that I must click to see with FlashBlock, show my downloads in a status bar at the bottom of the main window with Download StatusBar, help debug my HTML and CSS code with Firebug, and sync my browsers across machines with Xmarks. [read]

Another great post from Bobby Owsinski –

I’m not sure how this directly applies to music but it sure is fascinating. We think of the Web as everything that Google can find, but did you know that there’s a huge amount of data that’s not indexed or searchable?

It’s estimated that the size of the searchable Web is 167 terabytes (a terabyte is 1024 gigabytes) while the so-called “Invisible Web” or “Deep Web” is 91,000 terabytes!! Wow, that’s a lot of data that can’t be easily found.

Why isn’t this data available via Google? Google sends out spiders to regularly index websites, but there are some that require a password that just won’t allow that kind of access. These include private networks and library sties, which have huge amounts of information.

There are a number of ways to access the data of the “invisible web” though, and here are 10 search engines that are expert in just such a task, thanks to a great article on MakeUseOf. I’ll give you a brief overview here, but see the entire article for more detail.

Chris Fenwick is an amazing talent and a go-to-source when I have Apple based questions.  Recently, Chris started posting tutorials on questions that he gets from family and friends.  He’s a great instructor.

In reading your Facebook and Twitter posts, a lot of you have switched over to Macs in the last 12-months.  Well, it seems like Chris’ mom did the same.

Here’s a cool little Safari Tip video that you all may enjoy.