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Welcome to Social Media Examiner TV with your host Mari Smith. In this episode, Mari reviews the new Twitter user interface.

Mari shows you how the new design impacts the way you use Twitter and how you can use popular Twitter clients and apps in conjunction with it to improve your Twitter networking. And at the end of the show, Mari gives you a hot Facebook marketing tip. [read]


The iPad has only been on the market for six months, but already it has had an impact on the way content is created and consumed. Already we’re seeing more and more people at airports, coffee shops and on the train using their iPads to read books, browse the web and watch video.

We’re also seeing web designers transform their websites and web apps to look more like iPad apps. In the last few months, several high-profile websites have adjusted their designs to look and feel more like the iPad. We’re dubbing this, the “iPadification of the web.”

We think this is a trend that will only continue to gain momentum as the iPad continues to sell and subsequent tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry PlayBook hit the market. [read]

We all know that gaining Twitter followers is down to how often you tweet and what you tweet about – or if you’re a website owner and use Twitter, a way to communicate with your readers. However, there are additional ways to increase the chances of new stumblers to follow you, one of them being by having an interesting background.

This isn’t a quick route to Twitter success, but it most certainly does help. By designing your own interesting Twitter background you can express your personality through images. One example is if you’re a creative person (which you probably are as you’re on Psdtuts+!) you would likely be able to put your skills to use and produce something beautiful that other creatives will appreciate. If they like your profile page, the chances are they’ll like your tweets, therefore following you! [read]

What’s more important? The quantity of your Twitter following or the depth of your relationships with your followers?

The answer is BOTH! Having hundreds of thousands of followers must be nice. But we all know that the depth of the relationships you maintain with your tweeple is paramount.

This article will reveal five great Twitter tools that will help you find and engage with quality Twitter followers.

Notice I mentioned “depth.” However, there must be another side to this coin. The reach. And if you want to have “reach” on Twitter (getting 10+ retweets, for example) on regular basis, chances are you will need a large number of followers.

This article will focus on getting you those numbers. [read]

Bump, the app that makes it super simple to exchange information with other users by bumping phones, has just released Bump 2.0 [iTunes link] for the iPhone.

The app features an updated and refined interface plus the ability to compare calendars, instantly connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and the ability to send messages back and forth without another Bump. Like its predecessor, Bump 2.0 is free.

Bump is a great app for people that travel in groups with lots of smartphone users because it makes it simple to transfer information without the need to pass out business cards. It’s easy to use; just open up the app and make the “bump” gesture with the device to share your contact information. [read]

I’m reservedly amused that there are church leaders today that have such fear of social media. By ‘social media’ I mean – the blending of computer technology and social interaction for the purpose of communication.

There are literally hundreds of social media outlets but at the top, currently, are Facebook and Twitter.

Social media provides a way to dialog within a format that is embraced by hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. It is a fantastic medium to inform, alert and mobilize people for anything from prayer for someone sick or dying to announcing an important event at our local church.

Unfortunately, there is a segment of the church leadership that seems to fear social media. What is it that they are afraid of?

The majority of church leaders that I have spoken to about this subject have either had a bad experience in the past, most often with MySpace or, they are not themselves actively involved with social media so there is little or no understanding of how it works and how to take advantage of it. So, they throw the baby out with the bathwater and make claims that it’s dangerous, that they don’t want to take on any of the crazies out there, etc., etc.

In the past few years I have heard many sermons about the need for the church NOT to change the message but the vessel in which we propagate the message.

A few months ago my wife and I were having dinner with a pastor and his wife, during their visit to America. We began talking about what Paul’s conversations must have sounded like on Mars Hill. Paul spoke the truth to them but in a way that they were able to understand. That led to how Jesus went out to the people and how we, the modern church, are so inwardly focused. If our churches are only growing in terms of ‘Christians’ we are not fishing, we are just a transfer station for Christians.

For me, social media provides a way for us to communicate with people outside our four walls. We should not only embrace it but also encourage dialog. Let them ask questions, express themselves and get to know us. I know this is scary, especially allowing people to ask questions.

Don’t fear social media – embrace it. Use it for advancing the Gospel.

If you need help let me know, and if you are in the Southern California area on Thursday, July 15th, come by the Anaheim Vineyard where I will be doing a workshop on Social Media in the Church.

I realize that the people who need to read this aren’t hear to read it so I ask for your help to spread the word.  Thx,

Joe Randeen – 3 Penguins Design

social mediaI chuckle to myself as I write this because, here I am writing about social media in an attempt to inform people who don’t use social media.  Am I then talking to myself?

So, for you who read this, please pass it on to your pastor, elders or other people in the church that may benefit from this information.

Allow me to present you with 3 reasons why your church should actively embrace social media:

  1. Mobilize
  2. Connect
  3. Communicate

MOBILIZE: I have been so impressed with how quickly people can be mobilized for a cause, especially prayer utilizing Facebook and Twitter alone.  Just recently, a prayer request went out for a father who had a very serious heart attack (as opposed to a none serious one?).  Within minutes there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people praying for this man.  After weeks of touch and go in the ICU, he just came home and testified sensing the prayers that went out on his behalf.

Throughout the day people all over the world are prompted to pray for others because of updates on Twitter, FB and other social media outlets.

CONNECT: Unfortunately, there are so many church leaders who are opposed to social media because they don’t see anything ‘social’ about it.  They see it as anti-social.

The fact is, it’s as social as you want to make it.  Sure, there is no face-to-face interaction but it is interaction nonetheless and it’s the interaction of the present day – like or not.

Not to get into a theological debate but as an illustration: When Paul preaches on Mars Hill (Acts 17:16-33) he did two things – 1. Paul went TO the people and 2. He spoke to them in a manner that they could understand and receive.

Use social media to meet people where they are and use it to communicate to them in a manner that they understand and receive.

COMMUNICATE: Social Media networks are a fast, efficient and effective way to communicate news, happenings, events, start discussion, and bring about awareness.

Announcing an event from the pulpit, in the bulletin and on the website is a start, but information moves so fast that the aforementioned forms are not very effective in this day and age.

It can be a bit confusing and even intimidating to start using social media in this fashion.  In addition, there are many churches out there that have tried it but claim it doesn’t work.  I’m here to tell you, it does work.

If you want more information and help implementing social media for your ministry, please feel free to contact me at

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I will be speaking on “Social Media in the Church” at the Love Reaches conference on July 15, 2010 (Anaheim, CA)