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Welcome to Social Media Examiner TV with your host Mari Smith. In this episode, Mari reviews the new Twitter user interface.

Mari shows you how the new design impacts the way you use Twitter and how you can use popular Twitter clients and apps in conjunction with it to improve your Twitter networking. And at the end of the show, Mari gives you a hot Facebook marketing tip. [read]


Chris Fenwick is an amazing talent and a go-to-source when I have Apple based questions.  Recently, Chris started posting tutorials on questions that he gets from family and friends.  He’s a great instructor.

In reading your Facebook and Twitter posts, a lot of you have switched over to Macs in the last 12-months.  Well, it seems like Chris’ mom did the same.

Here’s a cool little Safari Tip video that you all may enjoy.

Reason and Record for Live Performance shows how to take Reason and Record (Propellerhead) from the studio to the stage. Author and audio expert G.W. Childs demonstrates how to use Reason’s instruments as performance tools, and shows how to create a personal mix for each performer, from click tracks to pre-recorded backing tracks. He shows how to integrate Record with third-party software—such as Live, ProTools, Logic, and Cubase—using the ReWire feature. He also offers practical tips on selecting the right equipment for the space and organizing everything beforehand, so more time is spent on the performance and less is spent on the computer. Exercise files are included with this course. [go to tutorial:]