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Traveling with small children has a lot of challenges. From the near constant complaining about being uncomfortable and thirsty to the incessant need to see every bathroom along the way, it is a wonder that anyone survives. But, everyone does it because family holidays are fun. They are supposed to be fun right?

Too often what could be great memories are overshadowed by the stress of just keeping the kids from killing each other. I am not going to tell you that I can make a long car or plane trip pleasant or instruct you to happily sing songs in the front seat to spread your joy around. That is all crazy talk. What you can do is try a few things that might make the portion of your holiday you spend confined in a small space with your offspring bearable.

That’s the best I think anyone can hope for, bearable, when it comes to traveling with kids. Some people are of the mindset that your entire holiday has to be filled with sunshine and rainbows. I say save all of that for the destination and be happy with at least a relative sense of calm on the way there. [read]


If you do a lot of traveling here is a great, inexpensive kit that allows you to charge your iPod or iPhone in the car, on a plane or in a hotel room / office.

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Days after 154 of its passengers were stuck on a plane in New York for about six hours, Sun Country Airlines said Sunday that it is changing its policy on extended delays and establishing a deadline for when people and planes will be returned to the terminal. Sun Country CEO Stan Gadek said he believes his company is the first to establish such a deadline — for this airline, a maximum of four hours. [read]

marstrandMarstrand is the smallest town in the county of Västra Götaland, but is the principal summer resort. A place for pleasure and a place to love for its cultural history, its buildings, its tall stories and legends – but also for its royal splendour. Marstrand is of course most renowned as a playground for sun-worshipping, bathing and sailing folk.

I’m slightly jaded in that I spent the first seven years of my life here and still call it home.