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If you know me even a little bit, you know that I’m NOT a supporter of GoDaddy.  I think they are horrible but, these tips are good despite the source they are coming from.

Source: Bob Parsons


Owning and operating a business isn’t something that one undertakes lightly. It requires a huge leap of faith. It’s both exciting to live your entrepreneurial dream, and at the same time scary because there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed.

As the leader of your business, you’re the one with the ultimate accountability for the business’ success. That is a heavy responsibility to bear. [read]

You should never try to be better than someone else. Always learn from others and never cease trying to be the best you can be. That’s under your control. If you get too engrossed and involved in things of which you have no control it will adversely effect things of which you do have control.

With profound simplicity, Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves. In this inspiring talk he shares the advice he gave his players at UCLA, quotes poetry and remembers his father’s wisdom.

Gazelle wants to change the world – one cell phone, one laptop, one iPod at a time.

It is our purpose – and our promise – to provide a practical, rewarding way for people to finally rid themselves of all those old cell phones, digital cameras, and gaming systems that they no longer use, but can’t seem to find a way to let go of.

Too often when people think of recycling, they rush straight to smashing things into bits for parts. We believe that reuse should always come first. If your GPS unit still works, why not keep it in circulation AND get paid for it? If reusing isn’t in the cards, then let us recycle that vintage camcorder. We think of it as ReCommerce.

Yeah, we’re green.
Green for you with dollars in your pocket. Green for the environment with fewer electronics being trashed.

It’s good to Gazelle. That’s our promise.

Want to upgrade your iPhone to an iPhone 4.  Check out Gazelle for iPhone and see what you can get for your old iPhone to help pay for your new iPhone 4.

Gazelle also offers one of the best Fundraising ideas for electronics.

Backup is a MUST today. So much of our lives are stored on our computers’ hard-drives: documents, emails, photos, videos, work, etc. The reality is that hard-drives fail and if you think it won’t happen to you, think again.

A number of years ago I had a hard-drive fail and lost nearly everything. I swore that wouldn’t happen ever again. So, like many of you, I have an external drive where I back-up those irreplaceable files. Here’s the problem – many don’t do regular back-ups and the hard-drive sits right next to your computer. If you don’t backup regularly and your main drive fails, you lost everything since your last backup. And, Lord forbid that anything happens to your home or business, like theft or fire, because then you just lost everything, including the backup.

Here’s an easy solution and it’s known as the “3 -2 -1 Backup Strategy”.

3 Backup copies
2 Different storage media
1 Offsite storage site

3 Backup copies – greatly improves your chances of recovery.
2 Different Storage Media – means CD/DVD and/or Disk and/or Tape Online Backup and/or Online Backup.
1 Offsite storage site – Relative or friends home, bank deposit box or best option is Online Backup Service.

There are lots of online backup solutions. Some offer initial free space, such as Mozy and DropBox and then you can pay for additional space. Popular paid solutions include JungleDisk and Carbonite.

I like and use DropBox while working on a clients project. After the project is done, I transfer the files to a more permanent space, freeing up my 2 gigs of free space.

JungleDisk is inexpensive, at least at the surface. It’s somewhat complicated in that you pay so much per gigabyte of storage and another fee to upload and download that information. You have to do the math and see if it’s the most cost effective solution for you.

Carbonite is much more user friendly. But, while considering their service again (I had a previously bad experience with them) I had what seemed like an “EASY” question for them. (Below is the transcript). I signed up for their 15-day trial and I’ll see if there service is better than their customer service reps. I would advice the manager to teach their people to READ. Stay tuned.


Carb Rep.: Hi, my name is Carb Rep.. How may I help you?
Carb Rep.: Joe, how are you doing today?
Joe: Good – I have 4 internal drives on my mac.  Using the non-pro version, will I be able to backup all 4 drives.  If not, does Carbonite determine which drive gets backed up?
Carb Rep.: So that i may better assist you, i want to know that is all your drives are internal?
Carb Rep.: As Carbonite does not back up your external hard drives.
Joe: All 4 are internal
Carb Rep.: Alright, please allow me a quick moment.
Carb Rep.: May i know which operating system you are using.
Joe: Leopard OS 10.5.8
Carb Rep.: Please allow me a quick moment.
Carb Rep.: Are all your hard drives internally placed in your MAC.
Joe: Yes they are all inside the computer, all internal.
Carb Rep.: If you wish i will take access of your computer and fix your issue. Is that ok?
Joe: What?  Before I sign-up I want to know if, I have 4 internal drives (on my Mac), will I be able to back-up all 4 drives using the non-pro version?
Carb Rep.: Yes you will be able to back them up if they all are internal and placed inside your MAC.
Joe: Thank you

Going into business can be a harrowing experience.  Most seem to turn out very bad because one, or both, partners where not the people they said they were.  Once you’ve been burned, you are very reluctant to enter into another partnership. Here’s an article I found that will ‘HELP’ but it sure doesn’t address all the issues.

A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship.

John D. Rockefeller

If you are just starting a business with the intention of forming a partnership, or have come to a place in your current business where you feel you want to take on a partner, you need to do some due diligence. Many of the potential pitfalls of business partnerships can be avoided at the outset with an objective and strategic approach beforehand. [read]

Factories used to be arranged in a straight line. That’s because there was one steam engine, and it turned a shaft. All the machines were set up along the shaft, with a belt giving each of them power. The office needed to be right next to this building, so management could monitor what was going on.

150 years later, why go to work in an office/plant/factory?

  1. That’s where the machines are.
  2. That’s where the items I need to work on are.
  3. The boss needs to keep tabs on my productivity.
  4. There are important meetings to go to.
  5. It’s a source of energy.
  6. The people I collaborate with all day are there.
  7. I need someplace to go.

But… [read Seth Godin]