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The iPad has only been on the market for six months, but already it has had an impact on the way content is created and consumed. Already we’re seeing more and more people at airports, coffee shops and on the train using their iPads to read books, browse the web and watch video.

We’re also seeing web designers transform their websites and web apps to look more like iPad apps. In the last few months, several high-profile websites have adjusted their designs to look and feel more like the iPad. We’re dubbing this, the “iPadification of the web.”

We think this is a trend that will only continue to gain momentum as the iPad continues to sell and subsequent tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry PlayBook hit the market. [read]


It’s a good time to be a tech-savy guitarist. Recently, the App Store has seen the release of packages allowing you to turn your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into a full-blown guitar amp simulator. Apps like Frontier Design Group’s iShred Live and IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube offer a large assortment of effects pedals, amplifiers, speakers. and even microphones that you can mix and match to come up with custom tones that are all your own. [read]

It may be just a monophonic synth with a GUI that’s prejudiced against fat fingers, but Argon has won our hearts. From wispy, nostalgic leads drowned in noise and delay, to formant wobbles, croaking basslines and the soft pulses of thirds and fifths, Argon can – and frequently does – sound awesome. It’s not a broad palette, trapped somewhere between 1972 and 1984, but it’s a sound full of character, complexity and fun.

The GUI presents two horizontally scrolling layers. The topmost provides access to ten pages of parameters and each parameter is drawn in a radial, anti-aliased style that Ableton Live users will immediately recognise. The lower layer is a scrollable keyboard that lets you switch octaves by dragging the lower border. [read]

A fancy new iPad is the perfect travel companion for any designer. The richness of the large multi-touch screen makes for some incredibly useful and fun apps that can really drive your creativity.

Below we’ll look at 30 different apps spanning several categories that can help designers and creatives out with everything from jotting down notes and wireframing to staying on task. [read]

Of all the stellar numbers Apple released today with their Q3 2010 earnings, the most impressive has to be this: Apple sold 3.27 million iPads during the quarter. To put that into context, that’s only 200,000 less units than their entire Mac division sold. And it was the best Mac sales quarter ever.

In other words, in just about any other quarter, the iPad would have outsold the Mac. And this is the first quarter that Apple is releasing sales figures for the iPad. Next quarter, you can expect the iPad to blow past its counterpart in terms of sales. [read]

AmpliTube for iPhone is a collection of five virtual amplifiers, clearly based on (but not licensed versions of) classic tones by Marshall, Fender, and Mesa/Boogie. Each amp suits a different tonal purpose–clean, crunch, lead, metal, or bass–and offers your choice of cabinets and microphones to tailor the sound. You also get a collection of 10 stompbox-style effects, including specialized units like an octave pedal and an envelope filter. As on real stompboxes and amps, the controls are clearly labeled and easily tweaked: Tap the knob and adjust the volume or intensity by sliding your finger up or down. AmpliTube offers a surprising amount of tonal versatility; it’s easy to save presets along the way. Most impressively, whereas PRS Jam Amp featured noticeable latency, AmpliTube passed our signal along with almost no lag, and even has a setting for even less latency at the cost of fidelity. The best praise we can offer is that we quickly forgot we were playing guitar through a phone. [read]

As we wait to hear what Mr. Jobs conjures up for journalists today, have a look at how one iPhone owner was moved to song.