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By Craig Anderton (Harmony-Central)

Look at music with a spectrum analyzer, and you might be surprised at what you see. For example, if you analyze a bunch of music that belongs to the same musical genre, you’ll start to detect a pattern with respect to how energy is distributed over the frequency spectrum. Granted, it’s impossible to generalize for all types of music within a genre, but there are often recurring similarities that can be pretty interesting. [read]

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Introduction to Equalizers by Jeff Dykhouse (
Compressors: The Essentials & Introduction to Equalizers DVD by Jeff Dykhouse (


pandoraInternet radio, once on its deathbed, is likely to survive after all.

On Tuesday, after a two-year battle, record labels and online radio stations agreed on new royalty rates that cover music streaming.

Many of the music sites had argued that the old rates were so high that they were being forced out of business. That could have come back to haunt the record labels, since for many people the sites are becoming a useful way to discover music.

“This is definitely the agreement that we’ve been waiting for,” said Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora, one of the most popular Internet radio sites with 30 million registered users. [read]

Check out: Copyright and Publishing Law: For Musicians and Songwriters ( — New YouTube entry :: “Line 6 Spider® III delivers detailed amp models based on some of the greatest guitar sounds ever created.” That is the claim made by Line 6. Probably a well-deserved claim at that. When the Spider Valve first came on the scene, did a video tutorial on both the Spider Valve and the Spider III Amps…

DIGG — Sure, you could post a “bassist wanted” ad on craigslist instead of the old coffeehouse bulletin board. But there’s a better way to find kindred indie spirits. A host of Web sites have sprung up to help musicians connect and collaborate online. Whether you’re seeking virtual bandmates for a recording or soliciting remixes… [read]


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HowAudioTVThis week’s YouTube Channel (HowAudioTV) broke 1.3 million views.  Obviously we are very excited about this.  We are grateful that people find value in what we are working hard at.

Some of our top-viewed videos include: Antares Auto-Tune, DJ CD Player, How to Relic a Guitar and Drum Tuning. The Mic Shoot-Out videos are some of the fastest growing videos and we hope to bring you more of them in the near future.

The “How To Relic A Guitar” is the most discussed and, apparently, our most controversial video.  For whatever reason, this video seems to have touched a nerve with quite a few guitar players. This is somewhat amusing in that the videos goal is just to demonstrate relicing techniques.  We are not saying that you should do this, nor are we saying that if you do chose to relic your guitar, apply all the techniques shown. Yet, we still have made many guitarists very angry. What we don’t understand is the need to leave expletive-loaded comments.  Oh, well . . . we’re not going to apologize for demonstrating techniques to a very popular hobby.

Thank you again for your support of HowAudioTV and

Wanted to give a shout-out to a smashing good PR person, Diane Gershuny. Especially in the areas within the music-audio industry. Check her out at – — Sibelius is the music notation software of choice among professionals and educators to write beautiful scores, inspire spellbinding performances and print pieces that look as professional as published sheet music. Join Roger Cole, musician and composer, as he shows you how intuitive Sibelius is to learn and use.