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The iPad has only been on the market for six months, but already it has had an impact on the way content is created and consumed. Already we’re seeing more and more people at airports, coffee shops and on the train using their iPads to read books, browse the web and watch video.

We’re also seeing web designers transform their websites and web apps to look more like iPad apps. In the last few months, several high-profile websites have adjusted their designs to look and feel more like the iPad. We’re dubbing this, the “iPadification of the web.”

We think this is a trend that will only continue to gain momentum as the iPad continues to sell and subsequent tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry PlayBook hit the market. [read]


A fancy new iPad is the perfect travel companion for any designer. The richness of the large multi-touch screen makes for some incredibly useful and fun apps that can really drive your creativity.

Below we’ll look at 30 different apps spanning several categories that can help designers and creatives out with everything from jotting down notes and wireframing to staying on task. [read]

Of all the stellar numbers Apple released today with their Q3 2010 earnings, the most impressive has to be this: Apple sold 3.27 million iPads during the quarter. To put that into context, that’s only 200,000 less units than their entire Mac division sold. And it was the best Mac sales quarter ever.

In other words, in just about any other quarter, the iPad would have outsold the Mac. And this is the first quarter that Apple is releasing sales figures for the iPad. Next quarter, you can expect the iPad to blow past its counterpart in terms of sales. [read]

Friends who know what I do for a living occasionally contact me with their technology problems. Take this one from my friend Margo:

I installed iOS 4 on my iPhone 3G and I hate it. It’s really slooooow and the screen acts like it’s numb. Plus, it takes forever for it to respond or react. Is there any way I can uninstall OS4 and go back to what I had? This sucks and I won’t be able to upgrade until next May.

After commiserating a bit with suggestions of deep breaths, I scoured the Web and came up with this nicely put-together Lifehacker article. I encouraged her (and now you) to read the article and comments. In the meantime, here’s the gist for downgrading the iPhone 3G (not the 3GS):

1. Locate or download a copy of the iPhone OS 3.1.3 .ipsw file. The Lifehacker story points to sources. [read]

Amongst the emails that Steve Jobs has been responding to, he also responded to an inquiry by a MacRumors reader Siva about future of Blu-ray on the Mac. While Blu-ray has been a long requested feature for Macs, Apple has described Blu-ray licensing as bag of hurt and hasn’t made any moves to incorporate the drives into their desktop Macs.

That seems unlikely to change in the near future if Steve Jobs’ recent email replies are any guide. Siva emailed Jobs about being disappointed that the recently revised Mac mini didn’t include a Blu-ray drive. To this, Steve Jobs replied: [read]

In iPhone and iPod Touch Essential Training, Garrick Chow provides in-depth instruction on all aspects of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (OS 3.1): making calls, emailing, browsing the web, managing time, getting around town, taking notes, taking photos, and listening to music. This live-action course includes hands-on demonstrations of how to accurately type and efficiently use finger gestures, and includes tips for setting up the iPhone and iPod Touch so they behave as expected. An extensive section on troubleshooting helps when the occasional glitches happen. [Watch at]

Earlier this evening, MacRumors forum member jav6454 related his story of how his iPhone 4 signal issues had resolved. Essentially, while at the Apple Store for a tech support issue related to his iPhone 4, his SIM card was removed for a period of time and then reinserted. He subsequently found that his reception had improved:

I went on my merry way, but realized something now. No matter what position I held my iPhone 4 in, the signal never decreased. I held it the many ways I know the signal issue pops and nothing. No bar loss, no signal loss, no call drop. NOTHING. So there you have it.

I am theorizing that moving the SIM card had something to do with the signal issue, because the only thing I have done to my iPhone 4 differently is take out and reinsert the SIM card. Other than that no other changes to it. No setting change, no software change no nothing. Just reinsertion of the SIM card.

To prove his theory he asked others to try it themselves. As people investigated, some thought that SIM contact with the SIM tray might be causing the issue. [read]