About Joe The Flow

So, what about the blog’s title – Joe The Flow? It is a nickname given to me by bass player Paul Martin when I played with the Chris Lizotte Band.

This blog, seemingly, has not direction.  I’m breaking the rules of blogging by not focusing in on one singular subject.  Well, I like many of you, am not singularly interested.  Here you will find a wide variety of subjects, ones that interest me and hopefully you as well.

So what’s my ‘day job’?  I’m primarily a content developer*  and that incorporates video editing, graphic design, web design, marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM.  Too many acronyms?  I agree.  In a nutshell, I put together content for the web so that people and search engines can more easily, find your website.

I own a number of companies with my wife, including 3 Penguins Design, Hear Harmony and MusicTranscription.com.

*Web content development is the process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication on web sites. Web site content may consist of prose, graphics, pictures, recordings, movies or other digital assets that could be distributed by a hypertext transfer protocol server, and viewed by a web browser. – Wikipedia