New addition to Waves Maserati Collection

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music
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Waves has added a new plug-in to the Tony Maserati Signature Collection. It’s called GRP and is a group processor, intended for the drum bus, backing vocals and so on. Almost looks a little Softubish.

This is what Tony Maserati himself says about the new plug-in (via Waves):

The Maserati GRP plugin is meant to help that final blend jump out a bit. It’s got a nice bit of equalization involved but no effects, no shredders, none of that kind of thing. In fact, the compression that I’m using in the network there is very, very subtle, because generally I don’t do major compression over my groups. It’s meant to add a nice sheen on a great blend of background vocals or compress a drum kit together, make it really feel like it’s got some nice air to it.

Waves has also taken the time to update the other plug-ins in the bundle so they all include both Insert and Send modes. A bunch of new presets has also been added. [read]


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