External Hard Drives – Backing Up and Saving Your Images: Part 2

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Computer, Photography
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Save it, store it, back it up and back it up again – if you work by this, you may never have to experience that tummy churning sensation of remorse. In this section of our backing up series (read part 1 at Backing Up and Saving Your Images) we look at external hard drives, which are arguably one of the most cost effective and simplest ways to store your images.

Shopping for a suitable product may seem like a complete headache, especially if you are unsure of what specifications are good and which is average. Below you’ll find some short explanations to help you get started.


This refers to how much information your device can hold in the same way a memory card or your computer’s hard drive does. As mentioned in Part 1 you can pick up a ‘cheap’ 1TB for around £60, but this isn’t necessarily the best deal as purchasing several slightly cheaper yet lower capacity units will reduce the risk of lost files if your one and only external hard drive breaks. The range of capacity is vast; you’ll find everything from a USB pen storing as little as 1GB of information (which may enough for the very casual photographer) to larger data backs offering 2TB or more (perhaps more than even the most professional shooter will need). [read]


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