Exposure Triangle – Not just about more/less light

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Photography
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So we probably all know about the exposure triangle by now. Pretty basic stuff you learn when you’re first getting into manual. And if you’re just learning, you may be wondering what the point is in obsessing over your ISO, aperture and shutter speed. So indulge me as I explain the triangle sub-headings:

{Aperture – Depth of Field} When I learned that there were lenses that were ‘faster’ than others (meaning the aperture can open widely), and that this was required for good photos in low-light situations, I thought ‘great! problem solved!’ Well…problem NOT solved. Why? Because opening your 50mm f/1.4 right up to 1.4 now causes issues with very shallow DOF (depth of field). So if you’re shooting a wedding, perhaps, and your plan is to just open your aperture up, you better have a plan B. Because at some point, the groom will be a smidge in front of the bride or the bride will be holding her boquet in front of her and the focus will fall on the wrong thing. So simply opening your aperture isn’t going to be enough to leave you other settings as they are. Point? When adjusting aperture, don’t just think ‘more light’, also think ‘depth of field’. [read]


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