Hotels Look for the Key to Social Media

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Marketing, Social Media
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You used to have to be an avid reader of newspaper travel sections to glean much information about hotels; otherwise, you asked your friends or relied on a travel agent. Today, everybody on the Internet is your best friend, and they all have something to say about where to stay.

In addition to some nine major review sites, consumers are just a couple clicks away from thousands of reviews and millions of comments. That’s why the hotel industry has few reservations about the importance of social media. But getting a grip on it is another story.

In a reader survey by Wine and Hospitality Network, a site for professionals in the wine and hospitality industry, the majority of respondents spend no more than two hours a week managing their Facebook fan pages, and 14.2 percent had no fan page at all. Meanwhile, 42 percent don’t use Twitter at all, while another 25 percent spent less than an hour a week tweeting. [read]

  1. martinsoler says:

    Interesting data. I bet the independent market is the most behind. We do marketing for independent hotels in Paris especially a lot of Social Media work.

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