Fishman Aura 16 acoustic imaging pedal [review]

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music, Review
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Fishman’s Aura 16 is the latest in what is now quite a long line of Aura products. Fishman’s first foray into the world of acoustic ‘sound imaging’ resulted in the 2004 launch of the initial Aura floor pedal unit.

The technology, designed in conjunction with Akai Professional, isn’t modelling as used, for example, by Roland or Line 6 in their VG and Variax products, but instead is more instrument specific. You can’t turn your six-string dreadnought into a 12-string, for example, but thanks to Fishman’s now extensive online Image Gallery you should be able to find a recorded image of a quality instrument that can be blended with the undersaddle pickup tone to produce a highly realistic ‘mic’d acoustic’ sound (without the potential hassle of using an actual mic) direct to your acoustic amp, recording device or PA. [read]


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