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Posted: June 22, 2010 in Business, Churches/House of Worship, Marketing, SEO, Social Media
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How often are you updating your Website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media?

If you are not regularly updating your eMedia you might as well go offline (but please don’t).

Most businesses and churches create an online presence with little or no strategy in place. We all know that we have to have a Website and more and more organizations are now including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts because they see these icons on other Websites, so it must be important.

If we are going to live in this space we have to update regularly. But, we don’t because:

  1. Don’t have any new news – If your church or business doesn’t have any new news, new products/services, announcements, pre-releases, testimonials, highlights, etc., why are you in business? Why keep the church doors open? I KNOW that there are things going on. Also, I fully realize that it is difficult at times to identify what information to post, but that’s where a written strategy and professional, experienced input comes into place.
  2. Don’t have the time – I would hire a professional unless you know what you are doing. This will save you the time and money it takes to create and maintain a thriving campaign.
  3. We tried it before and it didn’t have any effect on our business/church – Again, I go back to a written strategy. Secondly, you have to give it sufficient time to work. Third, don’t judge your success by the number of people responding to your posts. I know organizations with 100,000’s of followers who get but a few responses on their posts. Just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean they don’t read and act on your posts.

Don’t give up. Consider hiring a professional. Enjoy the process.

Joe Randeen – 3 Penguins Design


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