Live Sessions: Multitrack Made Easy – Recording With An 8-Channel Interface

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music
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These days it seems that almost everyone has a digital audio workstation (DAW) and a common 8-channel interface from Avid, MOTU, Edirol or some other manufacturer.

Believe it or not, these small, inexpensive rigs pack more power than The Beatles ever had during their heyday (yet they sold over 1 billion records), and we can easily put that power to work when making a simple 8-track recording.

While many of the interfaces actually have more than 8 inputs if you combine the analog and digital inputs (plus some secondary inputs for aux or 2-track returns), we’re just going to use one set of eight for this illustration to keep things simple.

After all, the idea is to make a multitrack recording that’s easy to set up and as seamless as possible. [read Pro Sound Web]


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