Five underappreciated iCal tricks

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Apple - MAC, Productivity
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All too often, people treat Apple’s iCal exactly like a paper calendar—a place to scribble down appointments and little more. As these tricks demonstrate, iCal has the power to automate, communicate, and remind.

1. Quickly create events

Many Mac users neglect (or are unaware of) OS X’s Data Detectors. This feature lets compatible applications like Apple’s Mail identify embedded information— addresses, phone numbers, days, dates, and times—and allows you to use that information in other applications. For example, hover your cursor over an address in an e-mail message and you have the option to create an Address Book contact based on that address or show the address in Google Maps. [read MacWorld]

  1. Andy Winter says:

    Google is testing a new feature within Google Maps: displaying specific hotel prices. The feature has been turned on for “a small portion of users. Thank You;).

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