Universal Audio FATSO – Analog Tape Simulator and Optimiser

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music, Review
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Empirical Labs’ EL7 FATSO – Full Analogue Tape Simulator and Optimiser – is a 1U rack processor designed to reproduce the sonic characteristics of tape, transformers and valves. However, its transfer to the software domain has enabled UA (and original designer – EL’s Dave Derr) to extend the capabilities, providing two plug-ins: FATSO Jr., which is a replica of the original unit, and an extended effort, FATSO Sr.

FATSO comprises four effects: harmonic generation with soft clip, high-frequency saturation/limiting (Warmth), transformer and tape head emulation (Tranny), and compression. The former creates some second- (octave) but mostly third-order harmonics (octave plus a fifth), and helps articulate low frequencies and add mid-range bite. [read]


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