Toontrack EZmix [review]

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music, Review
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Making music using a computer is an increasingly popular activity, but if you want your tunes to sound professional, you need to delve into the often complex art of mixing.

Grasping the basics of fundamental mix effects like equalisers (EQ), compressors and reverbs can be hard enough, but learning how to use them to make a great mix can take years. However, for those who like it quick and easy, Toontrack claims to have the answer in EZmix.

The idea is that instead of using chains of effects plug-ins, you place EZmix on each channel in your mix (guitar, keyboards, vocals, snare drum, etc). Under the hood, EZmix uses its own effects to process the sound, the exact chain depending on the preset. The 16 underlying effects come from Overloud, developers of TH1 and Breverb. [read]


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