Loudness when Producing and Mixing [Tips]

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Music
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The question of how to get impact and loudness in production and mixing seems to be a returning one, so I’ve written some tips here.

In order of importance:

1. The Arrangement
With a real life band playing in front of you, the more instruments you add to the band, the louder the music will be. That’s because real life doesn’t have an upper limit for volume. So more is more.

In your sequencer less is more. The more different parts you play simultaneously in your song, the less headroom you have left before the master bus overloads.

This means you have to lower your master level each time you add another instrument that plays at the same time as other instruments.

Think of a musical arrangement as a conversation between instruments, not as an argument where they speak all at once.

Short answer: use as few (simultaneous) instruments as possible to achieve your goal. [read GearSlutz forum post]


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