"Be thankful you have a job" [management]

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Business, Management
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I spend a considerable amount of time researching, consulting and talking about management techniques.   One technique that too many managers and business owners are employing in these troubled times is – FEAR.

The way they employ fear is really quite easy, they recite six simple words – “be thankful you have a job”. This one single sentence ends any further discussion, which is what the manager wants but there is severe repercussions that are set in motion. These include:

  1. Lower productivity from the employee – that’s because they now have a constant fear in the back of their mind of being fired so they no longer take any risks, make suggestions, look to improve and progress.  Instead, they sit around and think about all the ‘what-if’s’, and they begin the search for a new job.
  2. Eroded any form of loyalty to the manager and/or organization – these economy times WILL turn around and as soon as they do, that employee that you shot with that horrible statement, will be gone.

Don’t manipulate the situation.  Nearly every employee (outside of government employees) know how lucky they are to be employed.  If you have any issue with performance be straight with them.


Joe Randeen – 3 Penguins Design


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