Akai APC20 – official Ableton Live Controller [review]

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music, Review
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Akai’s APC40, released last year, was the first ‘official’ Ableton Live controller, which gave it the right to carry the Ableton logo, and to offer a level of out-of-the box control that other MIDI gadgets could only dream of.

The APC40 was well-designed, well-built, and easy to use – though there was a feeling that it was somewhat chunksome for live gigs. Novation (not coincidentally, Ableton’s UK distributors) retaliated with the Launchpad, a cheaper, smaller, USB-bus powered unit which gave the bare bones of Live Session View control, with the benefit of compatibility with other music apps through the Automap software.

Now, instead of coming out with something ‘new’, Akai has adapted the APC40, virtually cutting it in half and apparently shedding some of the functionality. Enter the APC20. [read]

Akai site

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