After Effects CS5 [review]

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Design, Photography, Review, Video/Film
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My impression of this release in general are much better than the CS4 release overall, with serious productivity enhancements (64-bit optimized, memory allocation/management) and much-needed production tools such as the Roto Brush tool and FreeForm 3D plug-in. I had the opportunity to watch this product evolve through the beta cycles and put it through it’s paces and provide feedback about the usability of the tools during development. Using the Roto Brush on a real post-production assignment gave me a true sense of the usefulness (and possible pitfalls) of this new workflow, and in the end, I found it much more accurate and effective than trying to do hand-roto with a spline mask on complicated tasks such as hair and intricate backgrounds. (link to the final online commercial will be posted here as soon as it’s live) [read Pixel Painter]


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