Roland Gaia SH-01 [review]

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music, Review
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Synthesizer trends regularly flip-flop between radical innovation and retrogression with each pendulum swing producing a host of hybrids. Roland has had its fair share of winners and losers in this field but with the Gaia SH-01, a virtual analogue synth, it is (at last) looking to produce a hybrid winner with thoroughbred credentials.

Just look at it. No LCD screen, a dedicated knob or fader for every purpose. The Gaia SH-01 is a chip off the old analogue block and, while the synthesis is digital – or ‘virtual analogue’ if you prefer – it allows for a range of functions that are unavailable in analogue electronics at anything near this price (‘street’ at just under £500).

With the quality of digital synthesis creeping ever closer to the analogue standard Roland is finally on target to make a synth worthy of the SH badge of honour. [read]


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