Is There Life After Facebook?

Posted: May 13, 2010 in I Don't Know, Marketing, News - crazy and otherwise, Personal, Social Media
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I came across this article (thanks Toby M) and found it interesting due to my own discontent regarding Facebook.  Will I delete my account?  Actually I can’t DELETE it I can only disable it.  What been posted is already there.  This bigger issue is not what Facebook is doing but the fact that they are doing the very thing they said they wouldn’t do.  The arrogance of FB is astounding, that they constantly go against the wishes of their users.  And know, it seems, the government is getting upset.  Do we really want government to have to step in here.

“Discontent with Facebook has been spreading rapidly in recent weeks, set off by anger over the ubiquitous social networking service’s increasingly byzantine privacy policy, its accidental disclosures of supposedly private information, and a general sense of discomfort about the company’s approach to its users’ personal data.”  [read]


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