Post Production Collaboration site [ReelPost]

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Business, Design, Marketing, Personal, Productivity, Social Media, Video/Film
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Being a freelancer, I’m always in the place of either working on projects or attempting to find new projects.  It’s rare that both can be done effectively at the same time.  I have numerous websites, job sites, etc., that I’ve registered with and some work and most don’t.  In part, I believe, is that most ‘good’ work is found via recommendations.  As an employer, why in the world would you go to someone you don’t know and give them your heart and soul?  So, instead, you ask someone.

Sound pretty negative, but it’s reality.  So why bring that up in conjunction with talking about ReelPost?

I just found out about ReelPost via an eFriend and it seems to be quite interesting.  It’s more than a job search site, (for employers and freelancers alike).  It’s more of a collaboration, as they put it.  “Post Production Collaboration” is their tag line.

I just signed up and we’ll see how it goes.  If you’re involved in Post Production, it’s worth looking at.  You’ll hear more from me as ReelPost and I get more acquainted.


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