"You are OVER qualified" [employment]

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Business, I Don't Know, Personal, Productivity
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In my quest for employment I’ve found the most curious EXCUSE for not being hired and it’s that I’m (you’re) OVER QUALIFIED.  What kind of reasoning is that any way?

The best that “they” can come up with is that they are afraid that you (me) will take off as soon as something better comes along and/or when the economy turns around.  Isn’t that the case with any employee?  So then, what they really want is someone too stupid to recognize what a terrible job they just got hired for, is that it?

Who are the ‘over qualified’ any way?  Aren’t they the people who are driven; driven towards excellence, driven to learn, driven to succeed.  Is that not what you want for your business?

They also LOVE to work.  So, in this type of economy, wouldn’t you, as a business owner, rather hire an over-qualified person to raise the bar on your business?

“But, I can’t afford them”, you say.  REALLY?  Have you asked?

“And what about if something better comes along?”

Is it a good job? Is it a good place to work? Does it offer growth?  If the answer to any of these is YES, you may find that the over qualified person is SO grateful that you gave them a chance that they will stick around.

But I get it – risk is not a part of your business plan.  Too bad!  Don’t look behind you, here comes your competition.


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