Still want to be a musician? Keep your goals in perspective

Posted: April 16, 2010 in I Don't Know, Music
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Music 3.0 – You probably can’t read the chart on the left, but it truly is an eye opener. It was created by Stan Schroeder and posted on Mashable yesterday. The chart describes the number of sales of various music product required to make a monthly wage of $1,160, or minimum wage like you’d make at Micky D’s.

Let me outline what the chart says. For more detail, see it at Mashable.

To make the minimum wage for one month, or $1, 160, you need to sell:

143 self pressed CD’s (income $8 each)

155 CD’s from cdbaby (income $7.50 each)

1,161 retail CDs with a high-end label royalty rate (income $1 each)

1,229 iTunes album downloads (income $.94 each)

1,562 MP3 downloads via cdbaby (income $.74 each)

2,044 MP3 downloads via cdbaby via iTunes (income $.57 each)

3,871 retail CDs, with a low-end label royalty rate (income $.30 each)

12,399 individual track downloads from iTunes or Amazon (income $.09 each)

849,817 plays per month on Rhapsoday (income $.0022 each)

1,546,667 plays per month on (income $.005 each)

4,549,020 plays per month on Spotify (income $.00043 each)

This makes working at McDonalds start to look like a wise career choice. Still want to try to make music for a living?


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