iPad Apps for Music Making: What’s Coming, The Bigger Picture

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Apple - MAC, Audio Gear, iPhone/iPad, Music
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The bigger picture, indeed: by blowing up the screen of the iPhone to tablet proportions, the iPad has become a lightning rod for discussions about the future of computing. It has also left interface designers with a challenge: what should interfaces look like? Can you simplify designs, as on the iPhone, but also make use of a screen size closer to what’s available on desktop computers? Those questions are especially potent when applied to making this new generation of devices expressive in music.

Even though the device won’t be in consumers’ hands until the weekend, I’ve managed to compile a list of what’s coming, with the kind assistance of the best mobile music blog out there, Palm Sounds.

Talking to developers reveals some news you likely expect – many (though certainly not all) iPhone developers plan to port their tools to the iPad. But it also includes some surprises, like a renewed interest in other tablet and netbook platforms. (Nothing quite compares to the surprise that a popular Palm developer was switching to open-source hardware design.)

And as iPad developers reconsider the design of musical user interfaces on Apple’s device, it’s long past time to evaluate how UI design can work in all digital music platforms.

Here’s a first look at what to expect. [read]


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