The “Rule Of Thirds” applied to mixing

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music
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In a recent thread on the Womb forums this topic was brought up and Geoff Duncan shared his interpretation of the Rule Of Thirds for mixing:

I saw this a while ago and gave it some thought, which ultimately led to some interesting ideas for my approach to mixing….which if anyone gives a toss I’ll now describe

1. Separation into thirds ‘horizontally’ – Panning

I decided to try a deliberate approach to panning into 3 zones (L – c – R) with an idea of focusing certain groups of instruments together in the ‘outside’ zones….I found that higher frequency sounds with smaller subsdivisions rhythmically on the outside gave a greater sense of width compared to putting the ‘thicker’ sounds out wide. (without any other ‘widening’ approaches like delays, modulation etc) [read]


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