Dropbox: Beyond the basics [file-syncing service]

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Computer, Gadgets, I Don't Know, Productivity
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My hands-down favorite new Mac app of the past year or so has been Dropbox. One reason I like it: I keep discovering new things it can do.

At first, I just used it for the obvious: keeping important document files in sync between my work and home Macs (and, later, my iPod Touch too). But then I realized I could use Dropbox to sync all kinds of files—such as TextExpander snippets or my 1Password keychain. That meant I could sync my keyboard shortcuts and passwords on all my systems, without the vagaries of MobileMe.

Going online to find out what else I could do with Dropbox, I found a healthy community of Dropbox users, sharing tips and hacks for the service. Dozens of those tips are available on the Dropbox a wiki. Here are a couple of ideas I found there and elsewhere that should get you started on taking your Dropbox use to the next level. [read]


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