How to Find Your Soul Job

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Business, I Don't Know, Personal, Productivity
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Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, originated the theory of soul mates. He believed that humans were born with 4 arms, 4 hands, and 2 faces. Zeus, Greek King of Gods, saw this as a potential threat and split everyone in half; thereby, condemning everyone to a life of trying to find their other half in order to be whole.

In modern day life, we consider our soul mate as someone who has similar characteristics, dislikes and likes, as well as compliments our differences. What if the same concept applied to finding our “soul job?” This would be a job that we enjoyed going to everyday, yes, there would be some bad times as well as good times, but there is still a sense of fulfillment and gratification at the end of the workday. It is important to note that a soul career/job doesn’t have to satisfy us financially, but gratify us emotionally and intellectually. Here are a few tips in finding and “mating” with your soul job: [read]


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