Why This Photographer Is Better Than Me [My Photography Confession]

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Photography
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Image by karolajnat

Late last week I talked about how many of us need to pull back a little on ‘reading’ about photography and actually start ‘doing’ some more of it.

This struck home for me recently while at a George Michael concert here in Melbourne. OK – don’t mock, I was there with my wife, a big George fan…. I promise.

The concert was a stadium gig and we were a LONG way back in the crowd (yep… I was too cheap to get seats up close… who would pay $500 per seat for that?).

Seated directly in front of us were a couple of women (actually there were a couple of thousand of them) – one of whom took literally hundreds of photos during the night.

As someone with an interest in photography I was drawn to watching the woman taking the photos – to see what kind of results she got. [read Digital Photography School]

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