Mackie Onyx-i Series 1640i Analog Console, Digital I/O [review]

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music, Review
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In today’s ITB (in-the-box) mixing world, the debut of a new analog mixing console usually gleans comparatively little attention amongst feature-packed DAW updates and innovative plug-in releases.

Unveiled at last year’s AES Convention in New York, the Onyx-i Series of analog consoles — and particularly the flagship model, the 1640i — is an anomaly. It simply can do what no other affordable multipurpose analog mixer has done before, a fact that is true on a multitude of levels of functionality.

For these reasons, Onyx-i easily won a 2009 PAR Excellence Award. In conducting this review, I learned exactly why the Onyx-i earned its widespread industry accolades.


Two years ago, I bought an original Onyx 1640 analog mixer along with its additional 24-bit/96 kHz FireWire I/O card (allowing 16 + mix DAW inputs and stereo mix out). It has been at the center of my personal studio ever since, and I’ve become quite fond of, and accustomed to, its features. For the money, I haven’t discovered another console out there that serves the same purposes at the same quality level and it has worked flawlessly from day one of ownership. I must also note that the 1640 (just like the 1640i) serves as a great analog mixer for sound reinforcement when 16 input channels is enough. [read]

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