Drum Damping Techniques

Posted: March 29, 2010 in I Don't Know, Music
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Editors note: I put this out there although I completely agree with all of it. Also, I worn about using ANY tape on your heads other than gaffers tape.  Even masking tape leave residue over time.  But, it’s a start.

What is drum damping?
Damping (or dampening if that’s how you roll) is controlling the decay and overtones of a drum. Damping the drum is NOT a way to deal with a poorly tuned drum. Knowing how to effectively control the sound of the drums through damping is essential for every drummer, producer and recording engineer.

In this article I’ll cover some inexpensive products, some Do-it-yourself options and then some kick drum specific methods. This article is dealing with recording live drums, not damping and muffling for practicing. [read]


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