Using Hashtags To Increase Your Twitter Presence

Posted: March 26, 2010 in I Don't Know, Marketing
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One of the most egregious errors for an artist using Twitter is overlooking the use of hashtags (the “#” symbol before a keyword).

Using a hashtag is like including a keyword in your tweet. It’s an unofficial feature of Twitter but now widely accepted and supported, and is an easy way for people to search for and find a particular topic.

Here’s how it works, using some of my own tweets from the last couple of days.

“The Secret To The Merch Table. Want to sell more merch at gigs? Here’s how. #merch #gig #bands”

This is a simple tweet regarding my Music 3.0 blog post from yesterday, complete with a shortened url link. At the end are the hashtags #merch, #gig, and #bands. How did I select them? First of all both “merch” and “gig” appear in the tweet, but I researched them first to see what kind of searches there were by going to (You can also do the same search on Twitter at…..

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