Emotions and the Business Leader

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Business, I Don't Know, Productivity
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How we handle our emotions as business leaders and managers is a critical part of the structure in any organization. Indeed, a great deal of leadership is really about emotional management.

From the E-Myth perspective, the business is a reflection of the owner/leaders, so how we show up in the workplace is very much the model for our employees. Most employees learn which emotions to display by observing others in the workplace; and most eyes and ears are usually focused on the leaders.

I once worked in a start-up company with a very emotional and flamboyant leader. It was fascinating to me that so many of the other folks in the fifty-person organization started displaying similar emotional characteristics until we came to realize that we had to change and create a different, more stable way of doing business. Ultimately, the leader had to be replaced so we could start again with a more balanced model for creating the right emotional pitch that is sought in most professional environments. [read]


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