Great field recording lecture from Chuck Russom [audio]

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Music
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Yesterday Chuck Russom posted a recording of his 2006 lecture on Field Recording at the Game Developers Conference. He covers equipment, finding unique sounds, recording guns and exotic animals. It’s 45 minutes long but seemed to go by quickly and was entertaining. It was very cool to hear the same gun shots from different mics and placements. Plenty to learn from this lecture if you’re somewhat interested in field recording or sound recording for games, TV and film.

Listen to the lecture here:
There are some pictures near the bottom of the post that go along with his presentation.

Who is Chuck Russom?

Freelance Sound Designer and SFX Recordist.
Credits include a number of top game franchises including: God of War, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, James Bond, and others.

Chuck’s website is definitely worth following for anyone interested field recording, game audio, sound design. He often posts some of his interesting sound captures and goes into details of how it was recorded.

I’m starting to get interested in sound design & field recording and all the things that go along with it so expect more posts on those subjects (unless you don’t want me to post about those things, speak up!) [via Audio Geek Zine via Chuck Russom]

  1. Article from Chuck Russom are great he is more than a simply sound designer to me. He’s creating from field to mastering and that’s what I like. Visit me if you wanna are here some fields recording.

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