WAVES Vocal Rider Level Automation Plug-In [review]

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Audio Gear, Music, Review
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When finished, you simply press the Read button on Vocal Rider. For tweaking, you can grab the plug-in fader while it’s in the process of writing; when you let go, it will continue automatically. WAVES doesn’t recommend doing that while Vocal Rider is writing, but I did it and it worked just fine. Of course, you can also make adjustments after the fact on your DAW.

To use the Music Sensitivity feature, output all the tracks minus the vocal on your DAW to a bus, then assign that bus to Vocal Rider’s Key Sidechain input. The Music Sensitivity control will then become active and be available for adjusting. Vocal Rider’s process will then depend on the settings and the volume of the bussed tracks.

I tried Vocal Rider on both traditional songs with lead vocals and then on an industrial-type video track with a VO, and it worked quite nicely. It only takes a few minutes to adjust to its workings, and I found myself easily tweaking it to get a nice loud vocal. Next, I tried removing the compressor from the industrial VO, which needed a few dB of gain to pop through the track. Once again, it worked perfectly, and it was an interesting revelation to pull the compression off but still have the vocal punch through automatically. Aside from offering a clean, clear signal path, this could potentially save a lot of time for those who do corporate or film type work. [read: ProAudioReview]


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