Good Meeting with Great Ideas – Now What?

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Business, I Don't Know, Productivity
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I’m sure you’ve been there: in the middle of some endless meeting you promised to send an email or make a call or check some facts. By the time you returned to your desk, your main concern was “what am I having for lunch?” – and the details of the meeting had already become fuzzy.
Then at the next meeting, someone asked, “So, did you make that phone call?”


Or perhaps you’re not the one dropping the ball. Maybe you’re the frustrated person chairing a meeting full of people who keep saying that they’ll do something and never getting round to it. (If you’re on a volunteer committee of any sort, this might sound all too familiar.)

So how can you ensure that you follow up action points from meetings – and that other people do as well? [read]


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