Euphonix MC Control and MC Mix [review]

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Audio Gear, Gadgets, Music, Review
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The quartet of Euphonix Ethernet controllers includes the MC Control and MC Mix, reviewed here, along with MC Transport and MC Color.

These four worksurfaces are wonders for controlling your Mac-based DAW. I’ve had a chance to spend a few months with the MC Control and MC Mix and, though they aren’t new (actually, they’re the oldest of the four), they are still the strongest contenders in their price range when it comes to feature-filled, solid-performing, professional-grade, DAW control surfaces.


The large-format Euphonix desks have always had a stellar look and feel; that level of quality has been extended to the MC Control and MC Mix. Both controllers use a high-speed 100 Mb/s Ethernetbased control protocol called EuCon to enable the simultaneous control of multiple applications. EuCon automatically detects which application is in the foreground and instantly sets the touchscreen (MC Control only) displays, motorized faders, and other controllers to match. [read]


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