Ad Powerhouse FedEx Woos Small Biz With Web Parodies [marketing]

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Business, Marketing
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NEW YORK (Reuters) – FedEx is famous for memorable television commercials, but like many big companies, it is following customers as they navigate from the television to the computer and in turn, shipping much of its marketing to the Web. One of the package delivery giant’s biggest Web campaigns, running on YouTube and Hulu, is a series of three-minute parodies called “1-2-3 Succeed!” starring comedian Fred Willard.

FedEx wants the spoofs to help increase what it calls “a key market” for them — small-business owners like Anna, a mom who makes handbags.

“With FedEx, you are now Anna, international maker of handbags!” exults Willard, known for his comic turns in mock documentary films Waiting for Guffman and A Mighty Wind.

“Hey there, international businesswoman!” he bellows in one of the spots.

The spots are a departure for FedEx, which has always spent its advertising and promotion budget — $379 million in 2009 — on pricey marketing vehicles like the Super Bowl to snag accounts that need and can afford its premium shipping services.

But now, FedEx has set its sights on small businesses, or those with fewer than 100 employees, said Steve Pacheco, FedEx’s managing director for advertising. [Read]


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