Confessions of an Olympic Junkie

Posted: February 16, 2010 in I Don't Know, Random Rants
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I was in Munich during the Olympic Games of 1972. Of course, Mark Spitz’ record, the three extra seconds ridiculously awarded to the Soviet basketball team, even my fellow Munich-born American Frank Shorter winning the marathon—none of these left much an impression on the eight-month-old version of me. But when the Games found me 24 years later in Atlanta, I was hooked. For 17 glorious days, my city was transformed into a giant party. I swapped pins with athletes and fans from more than a 100 different countries at The Varsity, watched the dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies at what would become Turner Field and drove up to Sanford Stadium to see an unbelievable soccer game on the same field (sans hedges) where my beloved Bulldogs play. [read]


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