BLUE enCORE 100 and enCORE 200 Live Vocal Microphones [review]

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Music, Review
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Having been on the live/concert side of professional audio for 30-plus years, I have only admired BLUE microphones from afar. Recently, I was sent two new models — the enCORE 100 and the enCORE 200, both dynamic cardioids — marking the company’s entry into the competitive handheld vocal microphone market. Now I personally realize the quality that BLUE builds into its respected mics.


The enCORE 100 has a very well crafted appearance; the main body is gunmetal gray with a banded non-slip finish, threaded to the capsule/ windscreen portion, with a shiny chrome finish. Street price is just under $100. The enCORE 200, a phantom-powered dynamic, is identical in size, but the body is black oxide in color with the same non-slip finish, joined to a shiny coppercolored windscreen. Street price is around $150. The 200 uses the same Aria capsule as the 100 but adds BLUE’s proprietary Active Dynamic Circuit to drive the mic output, providing consistency no matter the cable length. (The sibling to these mics, the 300, utilizes an Aria condenser capsule.)

Both models are emblazoned with a BLUE logo and come with a travel pouch, with “enCORE” nicely silk-screened on the pouch and the model number tag sewn into the pouch seam. Both mics come standard with a threaded clip and product guide.

The manufacturer describes the mics as “studio-grade,” referencing its Aria Capsule-technology, offering a frequency response of 50 Hz to 15 kHz. These BLUE mics are comparable in size to what you might expect for a typical handheld vocal mic, weighing a comfortable, solid .88 lbs. [read]


Blue Microphones – Bottle


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