The Brighter Side of Failure

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Business, I Don't Know, Personal, Productivity
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We are taught that failure should always be avoided. It casts a dark shadow that can suffocate our spirit. After all, winning is better than losing right?

When we experience failure, our sense of self-worth is damaged and our confidence takes a debilitating hit. Whether failure occurs in a marriage, in your career, or perhaps with your finances, it is discouraging and can keep us from taking advantage of the next opportunity when it occurs.

However, there is a brighter side of failure – a side that can be nurturing and inspirational. Failure can be a catalyst for personal growth and can lead us to achievement when we pause long enough to hear its message.

To begin the process of embracing the brighter side of failure and allowing its sometimes harsh, but important life lessons to be revealed, consider these strategies: [read]


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