2Do for iPhone: List Manager [iPhone App]

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Business, Computer, iPhone/iPad, Productivity
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What’s on Tap: 2Do’s main interface features a series of tabs—one for all tasks, another for what’s due today, and the rest for customized calendars.

2Do for iPhone is an incredible to-do list app for iPhone. With its jam-packed but cleverly-designed offering, 2Do is the most feature-rich task management software I’ve encountered on the iPhone, and I’ve tried quite a few.

Offered by Guided Ways Technologies, 2Do’s main interface is broken down into tabs—one for all tasks, one for tasks due today, and then others for your customized calendars (eg., Home, Work, or School). It works brilliantly. I’d love one more default tab for “tomorrow,” but overall the setup works well. Tap on any tab to bring up all the to-dos that fall under it.

In fact, tap pretty much anywhere in 2Do, and something will happen; whatever that action is will inevitably be pretty intuitive. Tapping a tab selects it, tapping the tab again brings up a contextual menu for actions on that tab. Rotate the iPhone to landscape mode, and a calendar view that makes great use of the available real estate appears. [read]


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