Sync files across the Internet

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Computer, Gadgets
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I’m a huge fan of Dropbox although the 2gb limit for free is a bit limiting.  You can upgrade to 50gb for $10/month and 100gb for $20/month.

A better solution may be Pogoplug POGO-E02 Multimedia Sharing Device. For $130 you can hook up your own hard drives and get access to the, essentially, unlimited storage. No monthly fees.

Worth taking a look at.

  1. Spencer says:

    Hey there, I’m Spencer. I work for a company named Syncables, and looking at this, I think you might want to check us out. We make a localized syncing software that I’ve found makes a great offline compliment to dropbox. Our client is cross-platform, and it lets you keep your files, contacts and email synced between your computers over your home or office network, which is great for when you can’t get an internet connection but still need to transfer things between your machines. Additionally, Syncables includes a media component, which allows you to upload your media to any phone or usb drive.

    Anyway, come check us out sometime at!

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