Canon EOS 7D [review]

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Photography
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Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from Macworld UK. Visit Macworld U.K.’s blog page for the latest Mac news from across the Atlantic.

Canon’s EOS 7D digital SLR is designed for users who want fast shooting performance. That means sports photographers, nature photographers, and anyone who needs to freeze-frame a fast-moving subject. It has a crisp-sounding shutter, a sturdily built stainless steel and polycarbonate body, and all of its settings can be controlled using dedicated buttons or button and dial combinations.

The EOS 7D slots into Canon’s DSLR line-up between the EOS 50D and the 5D Mark II (45mice). Some of the EOS 7D’s features are actually better than those of the 5D Mark II (such as its greater number of focus points and faster burst speed), but it’s not really fair to compare the two cameras directly; the 5D Mark II is a full-frame, 21.1-megapixel, 35mm camera.

The EOS 7D, on the other hand has a 22.3 mm by 14.9 mm, 18-megapixel sensor. It produces huge images (up to 5184 by 3456 pixels and 18MB in size) and requires CompactFlash cards to store them. We used an 8GB Lexar Professional UDMA 300X card to get the most out of the camera. [read]


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