Is What's Good For Blink-182, Good For The Rest Of The Music Industry?

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Business, Music
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image from“We’re redefining the music business.”

Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge says that with the self-release of the new album  by his side project Angels & Airwaves, he can redefine the music business. His plan is to:

  1. Release the new album free online.
  2. Use corporate sponsorships with Live Nation and Hurley to get 20 million downloads.
  3. Watch the fans flock to Modlife, where they’ll all sign up for $6.95 monthly memberships


  1. Scott Keller says:


    Well let’s see, bands like Jimmy Eat World tweet and are highly interactive with their fans at no charge. They offer videos of in-studio footage, and insights into their band FOR FREE.

    So basically AaA has decided to put a wall up between their band and their fanbase, and only interact with the hard core fans that are willing to pony up the Modlife subscription?

    A year of Modlife costs $85 per year. A CD costs $20. I think Jimmy Eat World’s deal is better.

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