Reason 4.0 Virtual rack of music toys sports new modules, a Nordic God synthesizer, and a grown-up sequencer

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Audio Gear, Computer,, Music, Review
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Replace racks of hardware instruments and drum machines with virtual software? When Reason 1.0 was first released nearly 10 years ago, the idea was still largely heretical. Reason, which combined solid-performing racks of software instruments and effects with mixing and sequencing, helped change that perception. Part of Reason’s popularity is its open-ended interface: beginning users can stick to its automatically configured front panel, while advanced users can hit the Tab key and repatch modules into powerful custom rigs. A steady stream of updates over time has added modules and refined functionality while adhering closely to the original formula and keeping the use of system resources and screen real estate economical.

Version 4.0 introduced a vastly-improved sequencer, a rich, new synth, arpeggiator, “groove” editing, and usability tweaks. Past releases have proven that subtle changes can make a big difference in workflow, and now that the developer has launched a brand new companion application called Record that fills some of Reason’s gaps, it’s a perfect time to revisit Reason.

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Tutorials on Reason and Record at
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